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Friday, October 20, 2006

Greg Henderson and I at the T-Mobile meetings.

Axel Merckx, Gear Fisher and Aaron Olsen with Lugano in the background

T-Mobile Team Meeting, Lugano Switzerland

Gear and I attended the T-Mobile Team meetings in Lugano in mid October and had a fantastic experience.
Everyone we met was extremely gracious and welcomed us with enthusiasm. There is truly a sense of fresh beginnings within the T-Mobile Team.

We were able to train the team doctors and riders on how to use TrainingPeaks, and Cycling Peaks WKO+ to track team training and race data. SRM's will be used by all the T-Mobile riders and is a perfect partner for TrainingPeaks services. Our collective products and technologies will work in combination with each other for the betterment of all involved in the team.

There were plenty of highlights on the trip. I can't ever forget analyzing Servais Knaven's tour de France stage victory within WKO+ and how he attached with 20 minutes to go in a stage and soloed in for the win. Another big highlight was seeing Marco Pinotti click and drag 3-years worth of training files into WKO+ and seeing him get fired up to see the endless number of graphs he can create. But maybe one of the biggest highlights was seeing Guiseppe Guerini interact with WKO+ in our fresh new Italian version. That guy is a stud and I can still, recall when he won L'Alpe D'huez after having crashed into a spectator and picking himself up off the ground a few KM's from the finish.

Bob Stapleton was also a gracious hos and is leading this team into a whole new direction. He brings much needed new ideas to a traditional sport at the perfect time.

We would like to thank our loyal customers who paved the way for all of our development over the years. Without you we could not have made it to this point where we can support a top-level team. It seems T-Mobile is now starting to catch up with what our customers have known all along... Monitor, Analyze and Plan is the smartest way to progress.

For a list of all the T-Mobile Team riders for 2007 visit

Look for more T-Mobile Team reports and data to come throughout the 2007 season.


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