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Monday, May 22, 2006 and PitFit Training Prepare Sam Hornish Jr. for the Poll Position at the Indy 500

Boulder, Colorado (May 23, 2006)
(, the leading provider of online training technology is helping tune the internal engine of Indy Racing League’s Sam Hornish Jr. as he secures the poll position at the Indianapolis 500.

Hornish was introduced to by his coach Jim Leo of PitFit Training, Leo uses TrainingPeaks to monitor, analyze and plan Hornish’s physical training and Hornish loves having the web-software accessible 24hrs a day. Hornish explains “I am a bit of a data nut so I like looking at my training results. Obviously, that's what PitFit does for me as well, but having that information available keeps me motivated.”

Leo also said it makes sense that today’s top drivers take advantage of the latest technology in fitness training.

“Drivers in the Indy Racing League are used to analyzing tire pressure, gear ratios, wing configurations, and a host of other technical aspects of their race car,” Leo stated. “Why wouldn’t they put the same thought pattern into their fitness?”

Hornish said he and Leo communicate daily regarding his workout routine. “Jim will get on me if I am not logging my workouts because he knows that for me to be at 100%, I need to stick with my program.”

Besides monitoring his physiological data Hornish also relies on and PitFit Training to keep him on schedule, “Our schedules outside of the car can be very hectic, with sponsor appearances and travel. Having PitFit custom design my workouts to fit my sport and my schedule is the reason I am so fit. Waking up and knowing what specifically my workout is going to be that day eliminates the guesswork.”

The software programs provided by in conjunction with the training schedules provided by the PitFit Training staff have already proved to be a winning combination for PitFit clients. Hornish qualified for the poll position by setting a four-lap average of 228.9 mph and survived, with no injuries, a crash into the wall during Sunday's training session.

Training Peaks, LLC develops and maintains The Endurance Operating System for Athletes, Coaches and Active Lifestyle Participants.

PitFit Training, develops driver-specific fitness, nutrition and human-performance programs to expressly address the physical and mental demands of the motorsports industry. Contact: Jim Leo, President, 317-388-1000.

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