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Monday, May 01, 2006

Vogels training in Boulder..

Henk Vogels was in town last week preparing for the Giro and lucky for us he showed up to our local Stazio criterium (to make us all suffer just a bit more). This photo was taken after the race ad he is looking pretty fresh wouldn't you say?

Good luck to Henk in Italy. He almost won a stage last year.

Moninger, Baldwin, Trakington.
Great job guys. It was a tough race and lots of fun. Can't wait to do it again:)

Here is my Ergomo power file from the race shown within Cycling Peaks.

Notice the huge spike in the middle where we had a $400 prime, which Henk won.

My avg watts were 266w
Normalized power was 340w
90-minute criterium

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Blogger Teton said...

At first glance I couldn't believe that I had my eyes closed in that podium shot. Then I noticed Scooter's were closed as well. I think we're just reluctant to be beaten by Scott, AGAIN.

7:38 AM


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