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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Great job Jen's!
(Hopefully you'll be sending us your file from the SRM today:)

I'm sure floyd is pretty focused now on not letting any other guys slip up the road and threaten his possibility of winning. He has plenty of time and like he said in his interview "as long I win in Paris I don't care who holds the yellow now."

The boys like Levi and Sastre may have more to lose than Floyd right now if they want to make the final podium spots in Paris. As you can see I am predicting that Floyd will win the Tour this year but that isn't too surprising. he is the odds on favourite right now. Sastre, Levi, Evans, and Menchov need to be careful who rides up the road in breakaways and their teams may have to take on some responsibility on the front just like Floyd's Phonak guys will. I can envsion Floyd calling those guys (Evans, Menchov, Sastre) out and making it a point to let certain danger men go up the road which would put pressure on those guys to chase and preserve their podium positions. Kloden would be a good one to attack and try to gain back time.

A lot will happen though in the Alpes and al of this may be far off once the Alpes are over with.


posted by Dirk at 3:40 PM


Blogger johnbrady63 said...

Hi Dirk,
I know you have the answer.

I have a Garmin 305 (love it)

Can you use the same H.R. moniter with a powertap sl?

I plan on getting a power meter inthe next year

It looks like some of your rides over the last year you have used both. Very useful info.
Is there interferance issues?

keep up the good work


3:44 PM

Blogger Dirk said...

I do not think the Garmin HR chest strap will be picked up by the Power-Tap. I think this is what you are asking.

I've always either used the HR on the Power-Tap or the Garmin unit itself. I do ride with the garmin and the Ergomo quite a lot especially if I want to record a particular route.

6:59 AM

Blogger johnbrady63 said...

Hi Dirk

Yes that is what I am asking, the chest strap. I had the chest strap on and it didn't work with another h.r. moniter I have.

Of course it doesn't matter, I forgot you can use the Garmin without H.R. What the hell was I thinking


1:50 PM


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