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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Review of Vandevelde's First Nine Days Of the Tour de France:
The grey bars above in the chart show Christian's daily TSS values- TSS is relative to Functional Threshold Power (a 60-minute TT). So a score of 100 means you did a full one-hour TT. A score of 300 means your body "felt" relatively the same fatigue afterwards as if you did three one-hr TT's.

Sunday’s stage was the hardest so far for Vandevelde with a TSS of 308. Today's stage on the other hand was his easiest yet with a TSS score of only 146. As long as he gets good sleep he should be good to go for tomorrow’s first day in the mountains.

The biggest, and craziest wattage reading I’ve seen so far this tour has been Jens Voigt’s highest 6-minute average of 515w! He set this on stage 6.

Sleep well and we'll all be up early tomorrow to catch all the action in the Pyrenees!

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