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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I placed 2nd beind Baldwin tonight!
Alright! I am super happy with this result especially since my time tied last week's winning time of 23:50 set by Will Frishkorn. Baldwin of course killed the rest of us with his training wheels on. He didn't have anything aero except his Carbon P3 and a skin suit...No dep dish wheels, no aero helmet, nothing.

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Tonight had completely different weather conditions than last week, but after my morning recon ride I posted here that I felt it would be a slower day as the temperature was very high at 100F and very windy. Even warming up with Chuck and Baldwin heading out to the start I thought it was going to be a slow night. However all of a sudden within the race I realized it was a cross tailwind a lot of the time and on the climbs it felt as if I could hold one bigger gear than last week.

Here is my Garmin Forerunner file from my race. I'm particularly happy with how my HR rose quickly to 180 and heald steady and very flat for the rest of the race. I was able to just raise it to 185 for the last minute.

My training between last week's TT and today went fairly well with two intense days including a criterium Sunday in Ft Collins (was in a 7-man break with Baldwin). I also had a good hard CP6 day with 8 x 2 minutes at CP6 intensity in a low cadence specifically meant to help improve my TT pace over the short climbs. The key to tonight's TT is cresting climbs and accelerating hard over the top.

I also had a few other tricks that may have helped tonight.
1- I borrowed a Zipp disc which was a great wheel to ride. Amazing. I wish I could afford one right now to call my own.
2-I had a massage Monday from Kim McCormack, the wife of my teammate Alan. That may have realy helped me recover from Sundays criterium especially since my hamstrings were very sore.
3- I started out a little more conservative tonight and tried to ramp into it at about minute 4.

Nice to see the hard work and focus paying off. Now I can go on vacation Friday with my family and really relax. I will be riding my road bike up around Steamboat CO while we are away camping in an RV until next Wednesday. I just hope I don't drink too much beer and become too much of a redneck. I will have a lot of fitness to regain next week if so.

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