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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I had an inquiry this week at TrainingPeaks about how to record and analyze data from one ride when both a power meter and a GPS device are used. I used an SRM and a Garmin Edge on October 13th while on a ride in Italy and that post can be seen at

I also dug into my TrainingPeaks Daily Log and found a date back in May where I used a Garmin 301 and an Ergomo powermeter on a mountainous ride.

I downloaded and then uploaded the Garmin into TrainingPeaks by way of the free Messenger (see ). I downloaded then uploaded the Ergomo by way of WKO+. I could have used the WKO+ software to download and upload the Garmin device. Either way is fine.

You can see a screen shot of my WKO+ Calendar which shows the two ride files for the one day.

- I've also added a screen shot of the Map view from within TrainingPeaks which shows the arial photo of my ride overlayed with the route recorded by the Garmin device.

Here is a screen shot taken from WKO+ of the Garmin file. I highlighted the main 5,000ft climb I did that day.

Here is the screen shot from WKO+ of my Power file. I also highlighted the main 5,000ft climb here.

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