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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Josep Jufre Pou's Team Time Trial Data
Josep and the whole Predictor-Lotto team had a great team time trial yesterday in Italy at the Coppi-Bartali stage race. As usual, Josep downloaded his data by using WKO+ immediately after the stage and synchronized the data to his TrainingPeaks account when he got back to his hotel room. The system is working like a charm and team physician Dr De Neve can have access to all of the race and training data even when he isn't travelling with the team.

Here is a screen shot of Josep's WKO+ file from the afternoon team time trial stage. This shows his heart rate and speed. He averaged 164bpm for 13:31 and hit a max of 171bpm.

In the morning the teams raced 95kms in 2:12. Josep placed 29th just 41 seconds down from the two-man breakaway. His stats for the morning stage were:

2:13; 95kms

1874 kj

139 TSS points (.79 intensity factor)

301 noemalized power

234 avg watts

993 max watts

135 avg HR

166 Max HR

89 avg rpm

Look for more from the team possibly later ion the week as this race ends Saturday. The next race we hope to get data from will be the Tour of Georgia.


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