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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Techno Geeks of T-Mobile...

Wouldn't it make sense for a Communications company to hire techies? Why should it be any different when it comes to a communications giant sponsoring a professional cycling team? T-Mobile has somehow sought out the most computer savvy pros in the peleton and the two riders that stand out the most are Adam Hansen and Marco Pinotti. These guys know there stuff and are helping TrainingPeaks immensley with feature ideas and practical knowledge.

Adam and Marco are just a few of the 90+ pro tour riders using Training Peaks and WKO+, just as any Formula One driver would test a new engine for a car company. This is our Formula One testing ground and the ultimate prize is the Tour de France. What proves out here will trickle down the masses and be available to all, just as Honda tests new concepts on the race car track.

For more on Adam Hansen see a recent article on

Adam's personal web site is

"Also the Nutrition Part on has been helping shred off some excess weight very fast! I think every pro should have something like this," Adam Hansen.

Marco is also profiled on and has a diary page at

Marco's personal web site is

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