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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tour of Georgia Wraps up in Atlanta

The Tour of Georgia ended today and it was a great success for the USA National Development team sponsored by VMG (Velocity Made Good). The team had seven of the eight riders finish a very tough week of racing. I was on hand to help collect the SRM data and work with the riders and directors on how to best make use of the data collected. Going into year two of using Training Peaks and SRM the national team will have some great data to compare to.

One rider who every one will be comparing data to is John Devine. John finished top 30 and had a great ride on Brasstown Bald stage. John will be racing for the Discovery team starting in July so look for him in new colors soon. This is exactly what the VMG Team was created for, to help young talent develop so they can find their way onto the top level pro teams. Feel free to take a look at John's power data, and other team member data, from the Tour of Georgia at "The Stars of Tomorrow" page at:

Great race guys and good luck the rest of the season.
USA National Development Team
John Devine
Chad Beyer
Sheldon Deeny
Brian Dziewa
Caleb Fairly
Eric Keim
Nick Reistad
Eric Riggs

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