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Friday, March 24, 2006


<=Jim "CSC" Mohan at Descente HQ

I hit the road again today with Allen McCormack and we both rode the fixed gear. I had a horrible day though with some allergies hitting me pretty hard. My HR was super high and I was never comfortable on the bike. My head was also a bit stuffy so I only rode 1.5hrs.

I did hit the Lyons-BDR TT course on the way back in and it looks like it will be about 11 miles long. This is a TT series managed by Clark Sheehan and should start in May think. I'm going to use a fixed gear set up one of the weeks and am thinking of using a 48 x 16. This will be a very hard gear for the first 2 miles and a few of the early climbs, but I figure with the majority of the course being downhill the 48 should be good. I'm riding a 42 x16 right now by the way.

After the ride I had to go bug Jim "CSC" Mohan over at the Descente HQ. Those guys worked hard to wrap up the whole CSC sponsorship deal and deliver on the goods in less than three months.

Tomorrow is the Bernie ride a Pro Peleton at 9:30. Bernie was a great friend of a lot of local cyclists here who passed away due to cancer a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to connecting to other riders that shared tim ewith him on the roads.

C Ya later

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