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Monday, April 03, 2006

RVV- Tonde Van Vlaanderen- Tour of Flanders
Great job to George for getting 3rd. His hands were tied with a teammate up the road and had to hold back from chasing. I would have loved to see a rematch of the Paris-Roubaix sprint between Boonen and George. Hopefully we will seeHincapie on the top spott this Sunday in Roubaix!

Koppenberg Boulder
Back here in Boulder we had our own classic RR called the Koppenberg. This circuit is certainly not even close to beig as hard as the real eal in Belg. but we did have a lot harder winds to deal with this year. The wind was blowing at about 40+mph and after 4k the first break was already gone. I was lucky enough to make the select group of 8 and only two amateurs were in it (myself and Jason Donald).

The dirt section this year was a lot better than year's past but the wind made sure no ojne had an asy ride. The first 4k were at lightening speed and when we hit the first cross wind section after the climb the rotation was Moninger, Baldwin, Frishkorn, Stockburger, Myself, Donald, Zirbel and Bajadali.

The finish played out perfectly for Moninger as we kept Tom Zirbel at a 20second gap for the last four laps. this gave Moninger a perfect target to bridge up to with 2k to go. The rest of us finished about 15 seconds back and glad the day was done. See this site for full results:

This photo was taken in Brugge by Matt Allen.

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