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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Great workout with Carol yesterday. We did Lee Hill reps. My first three were 3-min. at 395-433, then a last 2-min effort at 455. HR stayed low and I could have done more but Carol was hurting from the altitude and we decided to go up Deer Trail to add some Musc. End. work to the workout (since she hasn't climbed since Tour of the Gila).

I think my form was good because of my long rides over the weekend (9.5hrs in 2 days/16,000ft of climbing) which may have raised my blood volume, especially with yesterday totally off the bike.

I also saw Will Frishkorn out yesterday doing TT efforts up Left Hand canyon. It seems his broken hand he suffered in France won't allow him to oull hard on the bars yet. I hope he is back in action soon. That guy gets a lot of injuries it seems mainly due to bad luck.


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