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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a Weekend...Cycling heaven in Colorado!

First Saturday was Mt Evans and then Sunday was the CO Eagle River Ride. Both events had plenty of support. nearly 1,000 riders showed up for Sunday's race and there had to be aleast that many Saturday too.

Mt Evans:
Bob Cook Mt Evans Hill Climb: Somehow I talked myself into racing it this year. I always hurts so much racing it but then the finish line and experience along the way makes it so worth while. I had to get up early and drive over from Vail as I was staying there with my family in order to do the Colorado Eagle River Ride on Sunday.

Mt Evans stats:
Very slow start. This added at least an additional 3 minutes to the overall time. Here is my screen shot from Cycling Peaks Software. I rode the race in a time of 2:05. Scott Moninger won again beating Ned Overand. Man talk about beating the youn guys. Add to this that Michael carter was 3rd and it looks like age has its benefits. I still have hope?

Colorado-Eagle River Ride, Vail CO July 23rd.

Here is the crew: Mom (Joyce), Dick Stebbins, Jane Stebbins, me, Kerstin Lieff.

We took off at 7am from the start line at Beaver Creek and headed west our of the Vail Valley. This was an amazing 100-mile loop. I have to applaude the organizers on their hard work. Every 20-miles was a well stocked aid station along the very safe route. Riding north west of Vail is like riding the outback of Colorado. I've lived in CO for 36 years and been in Vail hunderds of times and yet never explored the area. I fell in love immediatley and definitely have to make a point to go back soon to explore more of the tranquil roads.

Here is my mom showing the proper technique for riding on dirt roads. Way to go mom! We had a great time on these back roads of Colorado.

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