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Friday, December 22, 2006

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. This sounds a bit like a confession, but in fact everything has been positive. Things are progressing better than can be expected with the T-Mobile team. The riders are hitting it hard and starting to put their Training Peaks and WKO+ software throught it's paces. It is always motivating to know some big names in cycling and triathlon are using a product developed out personal passion. We'll have plenty more surprises for you, and I hope to release some data soon from the team. What a fun year 2007 will be!

I am travelling to Mallorca to support the T-Mobile training camp along with Gear Fisher January 7th. Can't wait to get there and work with the riders with some real training data. I am also looking forward to charting their data and seeing how the Performance Manager chart is shapin gup for the riders. For more on the Perf. Manager Chart take a look at

Personally my Performance Manager Chart is chugging along. My Chronic Training Load is at 59 points. Last year at this time my CTL was only at 30points so I actually feel very good about things.

One of the projects I've been working on lately is a women's training camp organized by g4 Events. My (and TrainingPeaks') opportuntity to work with this incredible camp came by way of Dede Barry. I've been training quite a bit with Dede's husband Michael Barry (more on this to come) who is a T-Mobile professional. During one of my rendevous at their house in Boulder Dede inquired if I'd like to be involved with a women's only camp she was helping to organize in Santa Barbara's Wine Country. How could I say no! Not only is this a camp held in a top-notch spa resort in wine country, but the camp is being held during the Tour of California. Talk about a dream come true! It is also a pleasure to be supporting a camp along with the likes of Giant bikes and Power-Tap.

Look for more on the camp at

Signing off, Ciao!

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