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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Latest Video T-Mobile Training Camp Video at
Here is some great poolside video from T-Mobile's team training camp in Mallorca. Andrew Hood and Andy Pemberton did a super job of interviewing Dr. Lothar Heinrich, Bob Stapleton and others.

The camp was great for the team and I know a lot of fitness was build. The riders were able to progress at their own rate according to their fitness levels at the time. Whenever a workout called for any amount of intensity the riders were told to stick to their individual training zones and to not overdue it. The only time the riders went 100% were during the physiological tests and the team time trial day (a 14km TTT was performed with the team being divided up into three groups).

Great job to the US cyclocross team for takin gtwo silver medals at the World Cyclocross Championships this weekend. Page was 2nd in the Elite race and Summerhill was also 2nd in the Junior race! Amazing results for the US!

Here is some great video of the Elite Cyclocross Worlds with some good crashes. Just shows you the top dogs crash too!

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