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Friday, July 13, 2007

Download Tour de France Race Files...

If you ever wanted to download same day Tour de France power files for analysis check out the Tour de France page here.

This is your chance to dig into actual race files and imagine yourself as a team coach. Many thanks go out to Christian Vandevelde and SRM for providing us with this opportunity to show the world just what it takes to finish the Tour de France.

In addition to this year's power files be sure to download all of the 2006 Tour de France files we have available from Vandevelde and Jens Voigt. Compare Vandevelde's 2006 max power data to this year's race data. Here are some interesting points to take note of so far:

Christian Vandevelde 2006 vs 2007 data:
-After comparing his 2006 files Christian has already beat his 2006 max 30-minute value. Yesterday Christian averaged 331w for 30 minutes (This happened in the final two hours of the stage on the Haut Folin climb). Christian had a maximum 30-minute value of 322w in 2006.
-Yesterday's stage 5 is also the largest work load of any file we have received with a Training Stress Score (TSS) of 326.
-Christian coasted (zero watts!) for 22% of the time after analyzing the seven 2006 files archived here.

What do you find of interest? Download, dig in and share your thoughts.


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