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Saturday, March 25, 2006

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The Bernie Memorial Ride!
What a perfect day for the Bernie ride. Clear, sunny and high 50's in Boulder. Bernie was a dear friend of many cyclists around the world who passed away a few weeks ago. He always loved the bike and the cycling and triathlon communities.

We met this morning at Pro-Peleton at 9:30am and what a great turnout with about 30 people. Tyler showed up and presented Kerstin with Bernie's cycling cap. It seems the last time Tyler saw Bernie he grabbed Bernie's hat and gave Bernie his own new crisp Phonak cap. Bernie always wore an old red cap so I know Bernie always treasured the Phonak hat give to him by Ty. What a great gift for Kerstin too. I think the hat will be placed on Bernie's bike which is hanging up in the shop.

The guys at Pro Peleton hung Bernie's bike just above the entrance and will also hang a photo of Bernie they had framed and enlarged. It will look very good hanging just below his bike. Thanks guys!

The group headed out to Lyons and then myself, Pat Brown, Peter Horn, Tyler and a few others headed up North St Vrain climb towards Estes Park. I had to head back early to get home so I just did the first climb. The rest kept going on up to Estes on a beautiful Colorado day.

From my Power file that climb out of Lyons took 17' at 312 avg watts. I was hurting a lot with a higher than normal HR due to my allergies. Glad i had a good excuse to turn back:)

I'll post photos soon when Kim gets back and I can download the photos from this morning.

See Ya

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