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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today's AM training sightings:
This morning I went out for a quick 40-minute ride to help loosen up before tonight's Time Trial and happened to see two of the world's best female riders out training on their individual rides.

First I had a Gunn-Rita Dahle sighting (see her at ) as she was going in the opposite direction on her mountain bike MOTORPACING, yes motorpacing behind a scooter on her MTB with slick tires. Pretty cool to see actually. That is hard core.

Then I ran into Kimberly Baldwin (see ) out riding and warming up for her sprescribed hill intervals. I had a chance to talk to her and she sounded very relieved to finally be back home after several months of a world-wide travel schedule. Her last race was Phladelphia where she helped her teammate Ina Teutenberg get 2nd.

Kimberly also said her husband Chris Baldwin will be racing tonight, so it looks as if we have the best American TT Specialist to go head to head with tonight. Should be good to see what time he can post so the rest of us can compare how far back we really are from the top pro level. Although I feel it will be a slow night compared to last week as it is 100F and very windy.

More to come tonight or tomorrow on my TT experience.

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