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Monday, January 29, 2007

Training Peaks becomes the Official Training
Software Supplier of Astana Pro Cycling Team

Boulder, Colorado (January, 2007) - Training Peaks, LLC, the leading provider of online training and analysis software for endurance athletes and coaches, has been selected as the exclusive software provider of Professional Cycling Team Astana. Astana is one of the leading professional cycling teams in the world and will use Training Peaks as their central data storage and analysis software.

Astana is taking a proactive stance on managing team training and adhering to the strictest of anti-doping regulations. Team managers, doctors, physiologists, nutritionists and athletes will be equipped with Training Peaks and CyclingPeaks WKO+ software. The power of this software combination allows athletes to directly download their training and race data into CyclingPeaks WKO+ desktop software and then synch their files up to web accounts at By incorporating both Training Peaks desktop and web services, Astana team doctors and managers will be able to monitor the athlete and have access to rider data 24hrs a day.

As reported on the Astana website ( as part of their anti-doping program, the team has made Training Peaks software part of their policies and ethical code – “Monitoring of cyclists' training through revolutionary new training software. It is mandatory to download training data with no more than 6 days delay… We will be monitoring heart rate, power, average speed, total kilometers and hours.”

Training Peaks functionality will allow the Astana management to monitor, analyze and plan all aspects of a rider's training program. “Training Peaks and CyclingPeaks WKO+ software should be of great help for us to monitor our riders’ physiological parameters both during training as well as competition. We have 11 nationalities represented on the team and 250 days of competition. With this great software we will be steping into a new era of closely monitoring the day-by-day training and competition of our cyclists from any place in the world,” said Iñigo San Millán, Team Astana Medical Advisor and Head Physiologist.

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