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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Check out Michael's Diary entry above. He gives a good perspective on how the T-Mobile training camp went and how everyone from the support staff to the riders think and act as a team. It's also good to see the team is giving him every opportunity to prove himself by staying focused on his personal goals with a motivating schedule of races.

Here is Michael and I heading out for a cyclocross ride last week, the day before he headed off to California for his second training camp.

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Blogger Keith said...

way off topic, but i figured the top's the best spot to ask.

i read your post about the race up mount evans, where you posted your average power (248 i think?) for the 2:05 climb. can you also post here how much you weigh? i'm trying to extrapolate my own time on evans and the power calculators online don't seem to model evans very well.

8:36 PM


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