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Monday, September 22, 2008

I raced the Green Mountain Sports Mammoth Cross Sunday in Golden and was very pleased with 15th place (out of 30). This was my first cross race in a decade (I did start one in '07 but quickly flatted out after 1 lap) and went better than expected.

The race started out well for me. I had an incredible start (still top 10 half lap in), but settled back into a level I could handle by the time we finished lap one. I went through a rough time about 10 minutes into the race where I was looking for a barf bag (too much Coke before the start), so I throttled back a gear to settle my stomach down. Then I was able to ride back into a good pace for the last 20 minutes.

The course was super bumpy and tubulars were a major advantage for those who had them (not myself). Heck a mountain bike with full suspension would have been the right bike selection if it were allowed.

Viva Las Vegas
Now it's off to Vegas for Interbike this week. I'm not racing Cross Vegas or the pro crit this year (still haven't been prime money or overall prize money from '07 yet!), but will be on the sidelines cheering with a beer in my hand.

(Above is Chuck Coyle jus tbefore the start of Cross Vegas 2007)

Our goal at Interbike is to try and meet with as many hardware manufacturers as possible in an effort to stay up to date with their next generation devices. TrainingPeaks is now compatible with over 60 models of training devices and we expect this to grow to be well over 100 in the coming years.

Our schedule at Interbike is very busy with meetings scheduled all day Wednesday and Thursday. We have a great new offering which is bundled with the new Timex HR monitors, and Polar has launched a special Training Plan offering exclusivley found at TrainingPeaks. Finally, the power meter market continues to grow which is really exciting to see.

Look for an interview with myself while at Interbike on


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