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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Trivia Time: What was Tyler Hamilton's First Race Back Since Tour of GA, 2007?
Bonus Question- What place did he get?

Answers at the end of this post..

Saturday March 8th: Yesterday was my first competition of the year, and if you can believe it, I am not sure what place I got more than 30 hours after my finish. I raced the Metro State Bear Creek 9-mile Time Trial and results have not been posted on the web yet and unfortunately I didn't stick around to see the results either.

I think I must have been around third place just by knowing my time (~19:18) and the winner's time (Stephano Barberi ~ 18:50). Justin England of Toyota told me he was 2nd with a time just under 19'. I've also heard talk that most guys were in the high 19-minute range. So I remain hopeful that I made my first podium placing of the year.

If I was indeed third I'd be very happy especially since it was the maiden voyage on my new Cervelo P3 TT bike. Take a look at my new rig below...

Ok so send me your feedback on my position...Too stretched out? Back not flat enough? What do you think?

Here is a link to my race file ( I used an SRM in the race). Details of the file are:
Body weight 170lbs
Time 19:18
363 avg watts
371 normalized power
95avg cadence
CP2- 435w
CP10 372
HR- Not accurate..Too cold and windy.
Speed/Distance- none (magnet flew off in my warm-up)

Overall this data was exactly what I expected. I estimated I could hold 350w for one hour and I was able to hold 360 for 19 minutes. I do know I could have gone faster by about 10-15 seconds by just getting more training time on the bike. I only rode this bike three times prior to the race and never did any high-speed technical cornering on it. This was a VERY technical course and being comfy on the bike in cross winds and fast, sharp turns would have been a huge advantage.
We had about 15 turns on the course which included several narrow 90-degree and 180 degree bends.

Trivia Answer:

Tyler was 2nd in today's Denver City Park Criterium. His first race back since tour of Georgia last year. Today's crit had a very solid field of riders which made things pretty darn fast (i averaged 330w) for the first Colorado crit of the year. In fact when is the last time you saw only 15 of 50+ starters finish in a pro 1-2 crit? There were four Toyota pros, a Jelly Belly rider, Tyler and Team THF ex-pros Pete Lopinto and Stephano Barberi.

I finished 5th and Pete Lopinto of Team THF won. We established an 9-man break within the first three laps of the 60-minute race. Of the nine there were three Toyota team pros, two THF riders, Tyler, Jim Mohan, Myself and Allen Krughoff. The attacks were brutal and at one point Toyota was trying to split things up with attack after attack with more than 30 minutes remaining! Things somehow stuck together and Henk Vogels put in a good move with two laps to go but was reeled back in with half a lap to go and Lopinto and Tyler were first to the final turn.

Here is a link to my race file from today, which interestingly enough had the same Normalized power as my TT yesterday....MMmmmm, might be another god blog post sometime.


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Blogger gregclimbs said...

really? you are asking for internet advice on your position? when you have the tools for determining the answers to your questions?


I would not say you are stretched out too much.

I would say you could correct the back issue with practicing rotating the hips...

but the bigger question is why the zipp demo wheel?



8:18 AM

Blogger Dirk said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm still working on my hip rotation and a lot has to do with the tightness in my back.

I am also working on getting better wheels and so for this time trial I demoed some 808 Zipps. How do you like the circa 1990 Specialized tri-spoke? I bet that was the heaviest wheel of any of the starters that day.

9:14 AM

Blogger gregclimbs said...

I'm still working on my hip rotation and a lot has to do with the tightness in my back.

Understandable - but something that I thought about recently and posted in a thread on ST about another rider with a high back:

I think I know to some degree why some folks have a hard time rolling the hips forward...

If you sit on the bike, road or TT, get in position then roll the hips forward, you end up nose riding or tipping.

I imagine this leads to discomfort and no longer rolling.

But if you sit way back on the saddle, as if you were grinding a large gear up a long climb THEN roll, you end up where you wanna be with the 'taint on the sweet spot of the saddle. Fairly comfortable and probably gonna stay there for longer without "unrolling".

Just something to try.

maybe it would help you...

just free advice (and you know what that is worth!)


10:10 AM


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