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Friday, April 11, 2008

Time Trial Position Changes: First Real Test is Tomorrow

I made some significant changes to my TT position since my first race of the year. Back in March I was 3rd within a 9 mile TT, just 22 seconds behind Stefano Barberi and 18 seconds behind Justin England. Let's hope these changes below can make up the 2.4 seconds per mile necessary to have beaten those guys. Tomorrow's TT is a 16 mile test north of boulder called the Haystack Mountain Time Trial. I'll be doing both the individual and team time trials.

Here is a photo of where I started from:

Here is where I am at now after adding a shorter and lower stem, and the addition of a better TT helmet:

And to see an overlay of the two images to see some big differences check out the below photo:

posted by Dirk at 12:11 PM


Blogger gregclimbs said...

Hey Dirk, looks much better... will be intersting to see if there is an event photographer and see if under load if you maintain the new position or revert if you will...

I would put your hands back were they were though...

John Cobb's ROT was to always have the thumb at or above the crease of the elbow.

hands down have consistantly shown to be slower (sometimes VERY dramatically so) than dead horizontal or slightly up...

just my nickel.


5:45 PM

Anonymous mark said...

Looks like a change for the better. I'm curious, did you move your saddle as well?

In your before pic you look like you're in a race, whereas the after pic is most probably not. It would be telling to see what your "after" position looks like in the heat of battle.

6:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:43 AM


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