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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Boulder Cup '08
Last weekend Boulder played host to a couple of top notch UCI cross races. Saturday's venue was out at the Boulder reservoir where tenmperatures neared 80F! Water skiers were swooping by the venue as the nationals top crossers ran and rode through the sand, grass and asphalt.

Jon Baker hangs tight with the lead group of five until her flatted and ended up sixth. See results here.

TJ Takes the Big Show
Sunday was the big show in south Boulder and the crowd was amazing as yet again the weather was unseasonably warm. Local favorite Jon Baker of Vitamin Cottage had some bad luck and rolled both tires half way through the event while he was in 6th place.

The lead group of four about 20 minutes into the race.

Here I am with the winner Tim Johnson. Tim attacked with about two laps to go and separated himself from Todd Wells to solo to the win.

One last note...I've updated my link to my TrainingPeaks public view so you can check out my training, or lack of it the past few months...Time to start preparing for a possible trip to Spain again to train with some pros. You can also see some of my ride files posted on my wall at Facebook. Here is my latest one I added to Facebook.

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