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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The file above is a screen shot of my Boulder-Roubaix race this past Sunday. No one critical power duration was very impressive but the constant grind and effort it took to ride on the dirt made it a hard race to complete. My average watts for the race was 240w.

It was amazing you many attacks and surges happened. I didn't expect it to be so difficult so I was pleased with how well I lasted. In 3:09hrs we covered 77 miles mostly on dirt and my normailized power was 309w. Tough race!

My team let a 6-man move go up the road with my Vitamin Cottage teammate Jon Baker in it. This happened with about 3 laps to go (we did 9 total). I then won the next group sprint for 7th place (out of about 15 in my group). My teammate Scott Tietzel almost won the sprint with a sweet attack with 800m to go but Tom Zirbel slowly brought Scott back and I was ale to jump around Tom in the last few meters.

I'm happy Chris Baldwin won (Moninger was 2nd) and hope he has good legs next week at the Tour of Georgia.

Here are results from Sunday's AST criterium in the link below. I was 4th. Moninger won, Jake Rosenbarger (shown in an earlier blog photo of mine) was 2nd, Dan Schmatz 3rd.

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