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Friday, April 14, 2006

I had a very good ride today and headed up to Jamestown, then up towards Ward. It is 85 degrees out and perfect day, no wind!

I first saw Will Frishkorn heading up to Jamestown when I was coming down. I think he said he was racig in Tour of GA next week so good luck to Will F! I know he has had some rehab after knee surgery so next week will be his first big test.

Then on the way up to Ward I ran into Bajadali, or more he came pas me on a hard interval effort. Fortunatley he was only doing 3-minute efforts so I was able to ride for about 30 minutes with, and mostly behind him. He is headed off to GA this Sunday and this will be his first time competing in the big show down south. Andy rides for Jelly Belly after having been on Vitamin Cottage with me last year. Good luck Andy!

Then on myt way back home over Lee Hill I came up on Connie and Davis Phinney out riding. The last time I saw Connie was while skiing in North Boulder Park during our last snow fall a few weeks ago (see a my first posting back in March..same day I skied with Chuck and Ty in the park). Conie and Davis both look great and staying in shape as the world class athletes they are.

Ironman Arizona- Gota give a big shout out to my friend Michael Lovato who nailed the victory in IMAZ last weekend. Michael and his wife Amanda were over for a BBQ a few nights ago as just had to hear his first hand account of how he won. Not too often you get to sit back with a ber and listen to a pro tell you how he spanked the world's bext triathletes:) Great job Michael!

On to the Boulder Larimer RR tomorrow for me. Hopefully a good report to follow:)

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