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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sinclair Imports Party, Las Vegas

What a night. This year the annual Sinclair party was at the VooDoo Lounge, 50 stories up on top of the RIO Casino. The place was packed with a lot of familiar faces . No matter where you turned you saw some famous cycling icon.

Davis Phinney looking good...

Mario Cipollini 100% Italian Style..

Here I am with Christian Vande Velde, Freddie Rodriguez and ex-postal rider Dylan Casey. It was an amazing year for Christian and Freddie. Keep it up and I can't wait to see you guys race again in '07.

Here is one of George's friend's along with Cesar Grajales.

Here are my boyz from Vitamin Cottage Cycling Team...Sean Bragstad, Jon Tarkington, Michael Schilling and myself.

The team had yet another great season and we won the best all around team competition for Colorado. Look for bigger and better things next year.

Scott Tietzel (Team Vitamin Cottage and Cycling Center) and Magnus Backstedt (winner of 05 Paris-Roubaix) hanging out with the packed house.

Here is Dave Letieri (Former director of Chevrolet/LA Sheriff pro team and others) and Gord Fraser sippin' cocktails. Gord did his last professional race this year after who knows how many years as a successful sprinter. I have no idea how many races he won but it had to be near a record of some kind. I am happy to say I helped him win a few of those races back when we were teammates on a small Canadian pro team. I was also able to race with Gord a lot over in Europe when he raced for Motorola. Great career Gord you rode like a champ!
Here is 1984 sprint gold medalist Nelson Vails and pro road rider Dan Schmatz. Dan just signed with the new BMC pro team.

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The Crew at Interbike this week. Way to go guys!

Gear holds up our show bike which was a Cervelo Carbon Soloist with SRM Telemetry.

From left to right: Me, Katie Schoeben (dir. of Marketing, Gear Fisher (CTO), Hunter Allen (Cycling Peaks Founder and President), Stephen Hancock (Director of Client Relations), Jani Guyot (Director of Retail Sales), Donavon Guyot (CEO).

Thanks to all the retailers who came by our TrainingPeaks booth and showed interest in our retail affiliate program. It was also great to meet many of our loyal customers. We appreciate the support.



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Friday, September 22, 2006

Salzburg, Austria (September 20, 2006)—Training Peaks user, Kristin Armstrong won the Elite Women’s Time Trial event today at the UCI Road World Championships in Salzburg, Austria by 25.57 seconds. Armstrong becomes the third American woman in history to win the world’s time trial.

Kristin is coached by Jim Miller, Director of Endurance Programs at USA Cycling. Miller manages Kristin’s training and race data through software developed by Training Peaks is the official software supplier to USA Cycling and allows USA Cycling team coaches to monitor, analyze and plan workouts easily and efficiently through a web-based platform. In addition to Training Peaks web-based products coaches and athletes can analyze power, heart rate and GPS files using CyclingPeaks WKO+ software.

The combination of desktop and web-based software allows USA Cycling coaches the ability to easily track day-to-day fitness and modify future training in a timely and effective manner.

“USA Cycling uses the best heart rate and power meter devices, and now with we use the best software available for the benefit of our athletes,” said Miller.

It has obviously paid off for Kristin – and many of the U.S. Cycling Team athletes.

As Reported by USA Cycling: “The performance by the U.S. Cycling Team Wednesday clearly illustrates the consistency and depth of American women at the international level. The 2006 world championships mark the second consecutive year in which three American riders have landed in the top ten – a streak that follows the 2004 Olympic Games in which the U.S. placed second and fourth.”

Training Peaks is proud to be an official supplier to USA Cycling and is helping the organization and its athletes reach World Class results. We are proud of their accomplishments and congratulate Kristin on her victory today!

For the full story on Armstrong’s winning race, go to

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Forgive me as it has been a while since I last posted an entry. The end of the race season along with preparing for Interbike next week has pushed updates to the back burner.

Last week was my last race of the year and what a doooozy! The Parker Mainstreet Omnium was one hard event. Things kicked off with a difficult 7-mile time trial where I slogged my way to about 50th place. The first half of the course was gradually climbing into a head wind and I found myself standing on the 53 x 23. I can just envision the likes of Chris Wherry gliding by me in a 56 x 19 seated.

Stage 2 was a 100m RR and the wind was even stronger that during the TT. The wind was wipping at about 40mph and all 120 guys were single file within 2 iles of the start line. I set my 3rd highest CP5 of the year within the first ten minutes at 407w! Brutal.

Bit by bit groups rolled up the road and at least I had two teammates up ahead that finished top 12. Jon Baker and Christian McCarthy had great rides. I lead out the field sprint for about 24th place and Vitamin Cottage got 1, 2 and 4th in the field sprint.

After the road race we had two guys sitting top 10 with Chuck Coyle and Jon Baker.

The crit was action packed but well controlled by Tiaa-Cref. The fun came wih two $500 primes and on e$1,000 prime. Hats off to Chuck who celebrated his birthday by winning one of he $500 laps. My 50-year old teammate Alan Mcormack wa s2nd to Will Frishkorn in the $1000 lap. Wa to go Alan! Finished the crit in 13th place and my teammate Joey Pinkerton was 11th.

At the end of the weekend m Vitamin Cottage team had a good showing and battled it out for a few top 10's. I was a great way to end the 2006 season. Look for the Parker Omnium to get even better. This was a great race and very well organized. I was also the only Colorado NRC race. A big thanks needs to go out to the promoter.

My friend Frank Holt just passed along a link to You Tube which shows a brief segment of the Gore Pass RR heald a few weeks ago. Gore Pass goes up to 9,500ft and in September this is risky business. We raced in hail, rain and drove through snow to get to the start! Go check out the link below and I am the orange Vitamin Cottage rider that rides by at the 7-second mark:

Thanks for passing this along Frank.
Also go check out this great site at there are some great video blogs from Christian Vande Velde.

More to come soon.

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