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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bear Creek Lake TT (Metro State TT).
5th place 19:30.
1st- Zajicek 18:30.
2nd Kevin Nicol (sub 19')
4th Chuck Coyle ~19:20

See my SRM file here.
Mmmm that was good until the last half. Oh well at least I know where I stand and what it will take to get faster. I haven't even done any long TT efforts in training this year, so it may not take all that much to get faster.

I was spot-on the first half of the race, then I fell apart. The last 6 minutes was just too much for me. I had the right pace the first 12', but didn't have the fitness to hang on. I had a whopping 40w difference between the first and 2nd half (361 vs 341w). Not good.

Compared to last year I was 20w lower and 15 seconds slower. If I had held 360w this year I probably would have been a good 40 seconds faster. Oh well. Looks like it is time to start training more seriously now I guess.


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