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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Björn Leukemans works with Jesse of Power-Tap prior to a training ride. After the same ride Gear Fisher, of Training Peaks, helps Bjorn and Josep Jufré Pou download, analyze and synch training data to

No More Excuses!
Train and Race with a Power Meter

CycleOps and Training Peaks Partner to Support Predictor-Lotto

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Training Peaks becomes the Official Training
Software Supplier of Astana Pro Cycling Team

Boulder, Colorado (January, 2007) - Training Peaks, LLC, the leading provider of online training and analysis software for endurance athletes and coaches, has been selected as the exclusive software provider of Professional Cycling Team Astana. Astana is one of the leading professional cycling teams in the world and will use Training Peaks as their central data storage and analysis software.

Astana is taking a proactive stance on managing team training and adhering to the strictest of anti-doping regulations. Team managers, doctors, physiologists, nutritionists and athletes will be equipped with Training Peaks and CyclingPeaks WKO+ software. The power of this software combination allows athletes to directly download their training and race data into CyclingPeaks WKO+ desktop software and then synch their files up to web accounts at By incorporating both Training Peaks desktop and web services, Astana team doctors and managers will be able to monitor the athlete and have access to rider data 24hrs a day.

As reported on the Astana website ( as part of their anti-doping program, the team has made Training Peaks software part of their policies and ethical code – “Monitoring of cyclists' training through revolutionary new training software. It is mandatory to download training data with no more than 6 days delay… We will be monitoring heart rate, power, average speed, total kilometers and hours.”

Training Peaks functionality will allow the Astana management to monitor, analyze and plan all aspects of a rider's training program. “Training Peaks and CyclingPeaks WKO+ software should be of great help for us to monitor our riders’ physiological parameters both during training as well as competition. We have 11 nationalities represented on the team and 250 days of competition. With this great software we will be steping into a new era of closely monitoring the day-by-day training and competition of our cyclists from any place in the world,” said Iñigo San Millán, Team Astana Medical Advisor and Head Physiologist.

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Ouch!! Predictor-Lotto rider Tom Steels crashes in the final sprint in Qatar. That sucks as he was in good position for sure.

While we are talking about Predictor-Lotto I thought I'd add a short video of the team training in Mallorca this past December.

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How does T-Mobile Rider Michael Barry Prepare during the Winter for the Tour De France? On his cyclocross bike. Believe it or not T-Mobile's Michael Barry rides almost exclusively on is cyclocross bike each winter. Michael says that when he finally gets to camp in January he is fit and flying on the the road bike in large part due to his cylocross bike. I call Michael's cross bike a Swiss Army bike as it probaly weighs close to 30lbs. This thing is BEEEFY and Michael keeps permanent fenders on his machine. I personally don't want to make too much fun of it as I need every advantage I can get when I ride with him uphill.

Here is a screen shot of a brutal climb I did with Michael in December up Four Mile Canyon and Logan Mill Rd. Ouch!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Latest Video T-Mobile Training Camp Video at
Here is some great poolside video from T-Mobile's team training camp in Mallorca. Andrew Hood and Andy Pemberton did a super job of interviewing Dr. Lothar Heinrich, Bob Stapleton and others.

The camp was great for the team and I know a lot of fitness was build. The riders were able to progress at their own rate according to their fitness levels at the time. Whenever a workout called for any amount of intensity the riders were told to stick to their individual training zones and to not overdue it. The only time the riders went 100% were during the physiological tests and the team time trial day (a 14km TTT was performed with the team being divided up into three groups).

Great job to the US cyclocross team for takin gtwo silver medals at the World Cyclocross Championships this weekend. Page was 2nd in the Elite race and Summerhill was also 2nd in the Junior race! Amazing results for the US!

Here is some great video of the Elite Cyclocross Worlds with some good crashes. Just shows you the top dogs crash too!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Team Astana Pro Cycling Team and TrainingPeaks Team Up
Training Peaks is proud to announce we have been chosen to work with our third Pro Tour team in 2007. The newly formed Astana team comes from the ahses of the 2006 Liberty Astana team with a whole new management company lead by the Marc Biver. Team Astana has a head start when it comes to talent as they have signed the 2006 Vuelta winner Alexander Vinokourov, Giro winner Paolo Savoldelli and grande tour podium riders Andreas Kloeden and Andrej Kashechkin.

I just returned last night from having spent the last four days at the team Astana training camp in Monturi, Mallorca. I was a great pleasure to train the medical staff, directors and riders on how to optimize their TrainingPeaks and Cycling Peaks WKO+ software.

I just noticed that they released a news statement about TrainingPeaks on their web site at

The original text is in French and pasted below but I also ran it through a free language translator and pasted the translation below.

The team Astana decided to work with training software "Training Peaks" and "Cycling Peaks". As early as the announcement of the creation of the team Astana, in last August, the first contacts with the creators of these new software were taken and the latter were presented to the racers at the time of their first encounter, in last October to Geneva.

At the time of the training camp to Majorca, the racers next were able to learn exactly the different functions of these software in order to use them in a manner optimum. Concretely, that means that all the data of the racer, at the time of its trainings, will be able to be measured, analyzed and planned by the athletic directors and the astana doctors Cycling Team, at any moment and everywhere in the world.

The usage of these software has for goal not only to create the better work conditions so for the racer than for the team Astana, but will serve also prevention as for the health of the racers.

L’équipe Astana a décidé de travailler avec les logiciels d’entraînement “Training Peaks” et “Cycling Peaks”. Dès l’annonce de la création de l’équipe Astana, en août dernier, les premiers contacts avec les créateurs de ces nouveaux logiciels ont été pris et ces derniers ont été présentés aux coureurs lors de leur première rencontre, en octobre dernier à Genève.
Lors du camp d’entraînement à Majorque, les coureurs ont pu ensuite apprendre exactement les différentes fonctions de ces logiciels afin de les utiliser de façon optimale. Concrètement, cela signifie que toutes les données du coureur, lors de ses entraînements, pourront être mesurées, analysées et planifiées par les directeurs sportifs et les médecins d’Astana Cycling Team, à tout moment et partout dans le monde.
L’utilisation de ces logiciels a pour but non seulement de créer les meilleures conditions de travail tant pour le coureur que pour l’équipe Astana, mais servira aussi de prévention quant à la santé des coureurs.

Team Astana Anti-doping Policies seen at:

This web page also outlines the teams anti-doping policy of which TrainingPeaks is a part.

Anti-Doping Policies and Ethical Code for ASTANA CYCLING TEAM 2007
1-Four (4) UCI Controls per Year as established by UCI.
2-One Anti-Autologous Auto transfusion Test (AATT) at training camp (to obtain baseline levels) and several more at the races during the season by surprise, done by independent facility.
3-Blood tests will be done to cyclists before EVERY single race through the season. The cyclists will not be allowed to enter the race if blood results are suspicious.
4-One Echocardiogram as well as one ECG/EKG both at rest and at maximum exercise done by an independent cardiologist.
5- Three mandatory Physiological Tests per year in order to establish a physiological profile as well as to advice the cyclists about their training and diagnosis of possible overtraining and underperformance compared with other physiological tests done. First Physiological test will be done in January, the second in the spring, and the third one before/after tour (depending on riders' schedule). The tests will be conducted at independent laboratories supervised by Astana Medical Staff. In addition, we will perform additional blood tests through the season if Sports Directors or Medical team believes it is necessary.
6- Monitoring of cyclists' training through revolutionary new training software. Mandatory to download training data with no more than 6 days delay. We have a revolutionary software where we can monitor at all times from any computer logged to internet in the world what riders are training on that specific day, week, month, etc. We will be monitoring Heart rate, power, altitude gain, average speed, total kilometers and hours, even nutrition taken that day and many more features.
7- Declaration of cyclists before each race admitting that they are not bringing/consuming any illegal ergogenic aid neither any medicine banned or without the advice of Astana Medical Team. 8- Declaration that riders will not seek any medical attention outside Astana Medical Staff.
9-Introduction of DNA testing

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Hello from sunny Mallorca, Spain. Gear Fisher and I have been in Mallorca supporting T-Mobile mens and womens cycling teams since the 10th of January. The team atmosphere and weather are absolutley ideal here and will certainly help set the tone for the rest of the 2007 season. "Die Mannschaft" is how the T-Mobile team refers to themselves and the focus of this camp is getting everyone connected and thinking as one unit. The riders and staff are very motivated to make 2007 a fresh beginning with a new way of thinking.

The man at the center leading the change is the American business man Bob Stapleton. His right hand man is Rolf Aldag and the two are proving to be the ultimate heads of state. This is a German team with a strong American influence with fresh ideas.

The team members have been super busy and barely a minute of the day is wasted. The riders start with strength trainining and stretching before breakfast then they head to their bikes at 9:30am for the daily training. After their ride they get a massage, eat breakfast and then attend to their round of daily meetings. These meetings cover sports psychology, race schedules, training concepts, strength work, recovery, nutrition, media training, interviews and of course training software (TrainingPeaks and CyclingPeaks).

Michael Barry and Greg Henderson discuss the day's training plan.

Director Brian Holm and myself at the team mechanic area before one of the training rides. Brian rode for T-Mobile with great success in the 90's.

Team Training...

The T-Mobile team workouts are very individualized and varied. Each rider is assigned to one of three training groups based upon their own fitness at the time of the camp. The riders have all been tested to help determin where their fitness levels are and what limiters they need to focus on. Some days are focused on team time trial training, sprinting, climbing and endurance.
Well that is it for now. I am off to the Astana team hotel in a few hours and Gear flew from Mallorca to Portugal to support the Predictor-Lotto team.
This is going to be a veryfun season of pro racing. I can't wait for the races to start!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TrainingPeaks Selected by
Predictor-Lotto as Official Training Software

TrainingPeaks is proud to announce that we have been selected to work with a second pro-tour professional cycling team. As part of the new Predictor-Lotto Team sponsorship Gear and I went to Mallorca in mid-December to work with all the riders and staff members during their first team training camp. We felt it was essential to work with each rider, doctor and manager to help them maximize their use of our TrainingPeaks software.

Predictor-Lotto team members have already been updating their Daily Log at on a daily basis in order to communicate their training data to the team doctors, managers and their own personal trainers. Once the data is collected within their accounts, personal trainers and team doctors can coordinate individual training and race programs by using the TrainingPeaks Coach Edition software. Power files and historic data are being analyzed within Cycling Peaks WKO+ software and allow the team to stay better informed with each team member’s fitness trends. The WKO+ desktop software is also used by each team member to direct download their Power-Tap power meters and to synchronize the data to their web-based accounts.

Predictor-Lotto was previously Davitamon-Lotto in 2006. TrainingPeaks’ Gear Fisher will also be attending the second team training camp in Portugal in mid-January. To see more about Predictor-Lotto tam please visit is also the official training software of the T-Mobile Team, USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, Triathlon Canada and British Triathlon.

Look for more data and great stories to emerge as we start to work with the team.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

T-Mobile Team - Training Peaks for online control

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