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Monday, May 21, 2007

Power Files from the Giro
Thanks to Aaron Olson, T-Mobile and SRM

Here you go folks. We've done it for you again. No where else in cyber space can you find power files from a pro in the Tour of Italy. A special thanks has to go out to Aaron Olson, T-Mobile, Dr Stephan Prettin and SRM for allowing us access to such great content.

(Left to rigth) T-Mobile team Dr Stefan Vogt, Training Peaks Gear Fisher, Marco Pinotti and Aaron Olsen have a training discussion during a team meeting in Lugano, Switzerland

So far (for the data we have) Aaron's maximum 5-minute value (CP5) has been 402 watts. His max CP20 is 363. These are not his maximum efforts however since his team has had to ride on the front of the group each day in defense of the race lead. Marco Pinotti of T-Mobile is leading the Giro by a slim margin which places a lot of stress and work on the team to defend. This is shown in Aaron's maximum 3hr power reading (CP180) being 296watts!

For a more accurate reading on what 296w actually felt like and the stress it had on Aaron's body you want to view his normalized power reading. This was 332 watts for 3hrs and takes into account coasting down hills and in the draft. For more on Normalized power visit

Look for much more to come as the Giro progresses these next two weeks.
Ciao Dirk

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