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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kaloko: Lance Rode My Favorite Climb in Hawaii Today

I just got a twitter update (or Tweet) from Lance (sign up for Lance's Twitter feed here ) where he said he was climbing Kaloko road on the big island. This happens to be my favorite ride on the big Island. I've done it about four times over the past six years on my trips to Kona to watch the Ironman.

Kaloko is a brutally steep climb and a 39 x 27 or compact gearing is a necessity. Even in a 39 x 27 I was barely able to keep an average of 59rpm for an hour. Kaloko road is a residential housing area cut out of the jungle and rises up to nearly 5,000ft. If you start from the town of Kona you are quit literally doing a 5,000ft climb.

Click on the below map to launch an interactive the TrainingPeaks File Viewer.

Here is a link to one of my power files from Kaloko.

Try climbing it if you dare, but bring the right equipment, some extra clothing for the cold ride down...Oh and look out for wild pigs and heads up for mossy slippery turns as you enter the rain forest section.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

BRRRRRrrrrrrrr Cold Cyclocross Ride

Today wasn't much fun but I forged on since this week was so nasty here in Boulder. I've been itching to get out and ride my bike outside for a week. The forecast was 22F for a Hi today but the wind chill made it feel like sub-zero no doubt.

The Route:
6,800ft of climbing today, Headed up Sunshine and over to Four Mile Canyon, then up to Wall Street. Back down to town and north to Hygiene and finally over Left Hand and Lee Hill.

Click the above map to view the interactive map and ride data.

This is the ghost town of Wall Street, CO.

The Rig:
Cannondale CX bike with Hutchinson Tubeless tires. The front tire is a Piranha and the rear is a Bulldog. I hav eto say I love these tires especially on snow with low pressure. Tubeless is the way to go for sure.

The Fuel
I consumed 1300 calories and still bonked 4.5hrs into the ride. All I can say is I rode with a low heart rate (130 most of the time) but the cold temps just took it out of me. I started with the Clif Shot recovery hot chocolate packs and just stopped by gas stations to fill up with free hot water and added the fuel packs to the H2O. This was for sure the best part of the ride. Nothing like drinking hot chocolate in a water bottle when you are fending off the bonk.

There is no way I take this again tomorrow. Time to go ski with the kids and have some real fun.


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Friday, December 05, 2008

Great Skiing in Foothills Park Today

Today was the first day that the Boulder Nordic Ski Club has been allowed by the City of Boulder to Groom Foothills park for XC skiing. I've been dreaming of this day for about four years now. In the past I have skied the same loop, but I had to make tracks myself and just chugged along dreaming of the day when I could ski effortlessly (well not effortlessly but at least faster) across a freshly groomed ski track. Well today it happened and it was pure joy.

Here is a screen shot from my TrainingPeaks file viewer. You can go directly to my file viewer and download the file if you wish here.

Today's workout intent was to just work on muscular endurance and general strength. I didn't want to go too hard since XC skiing can quickly zap you and make recovery very slow. It was nice though to ski at an altitude of 5,500ft vs 8,000ft up at Eldora. I'll probably hit Eldora Sunday though.


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