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Saturday, August 04, 2007 bike travelogue is a great site Dave Lamay from Cycling Peaks turned me onto during the Tour de France. Steve Hill and Rebecca Heald who run rock! They do a great job of offering a collection of links which highlight pre and post race analysis. They also post incredible links to live streaming video of the live action.

I'm tuned into today to get up to the minute coverage of the Clasica San Sebastian in Spain. I'm kind of interested to see how Tom Danielson finishes today since this is his first international competition since June. He has been in Colorado getting treatment for a case of Giardia (he may have had this since the 2002 Tour of Malaysia!) and he also won the Mt Evans HC (only 1:44 off of his record ride in '04). Hopefully Tom can make a steady comeback and sock it to 'em in the Vuelta.

Thanks Steve and Rebecca for a great site.

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