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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Perfect November Day
A Cross Bike, Family Workout Combo

What a difference a year makes. Last November by this time we had already shoveled more than 20 inches of snow here in Boulder. Now a year later we haven't even touched a snow shovel and as reported in last week's blog, flip flops and shorts are still in fashion.

I figured I better take advantage of this amazing 70 degree weather and get out on the bike as much as possible. I'll have plenty of time to hike, run and ski once the snow starts flying (maybe tomorrow!). So, today I headed out for an amazing 4hr workout on the cross bike in the mountains. In addition I made arrangements to meet up with my wife and daughter for a mid-ride hike in the back country. It is always a joy to meet the family up at a trail head and swap the cycling cleats for hiking kicks and hit the trails with my two favorite girls.

The Route

If you know Boulder at all you'll know the route I took today wasn't the easiest. Very few riders have probably ever pondered riding the 2,300ft climb up Lee Hill to the top of Deer Trail road, but it is a staple of my training regime since it is a solid one-hour climb at 300+watts. Once at the top the road turns to dirt and a mountain bike is the best choice to make the connection down to Sunshine Canyon. However, I like to push the limits on the cross bike so it a good thing I don't cherish my wheels. Besides a little wobble here and there is character building I say. I've also added the biggest, nastiest cross tires I could find (Redline Kross Supreme, 700 x35, see below). These Kross Supremes are also ideal for snow conditions and act like snow shoes when the white stuff piles up.

The route from the top of Deer Trail to Sunshine is one nasty single track with loose rock and steep pitches on the upper part. It is a short segment however and then it's onto silky smooth dirt roads. Today I met my family where the road ends and single track picks up. The route we hiked was an old miners route which drops about 1200ft in 1.5 miles down to the small town of Rowena. Rowena is just a gathering of about a half dozen homes in Lefthand Canyon on the way to Ward. Most Boulder cyclists have been through Rowena on their way up the popular ride between Boulder and Ward.

After an hour easy hike with my girls I slipped the cycling cleats back on and traversed down Sunshine Canyon to Boulder. Another Sunday has passed and this one was one to remember.

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