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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ironman Hawaii

Come say Hi at the Ironman Expo this week

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the race. It is always inspirational to watch the Ironman and cheer for everyone who chases the Ironman dream. I am proud to work at TrainingPeaks where we have hudreds of athletes participating in the big event.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible this week and lend as much support as I can.

You can find me in the Expo Thursday and Friday mornings. TrainingPeaks is sharing a booth with Philadelphia Insurance Company and I'll have free WKO+ trial CD's and some coupons to hand out to those who stop by.

I'd also like to invite everyone to visit the Ultrafit open house Thursday from 1-3pm at the Royal Kona resort. Look for Joe Friel, Kevin Purcell, Karen Buxton and more of the Ultrafit coaches and athletes hanging out in the bar near the pool. Sponsors of the Ultrafit Open House include Descente and InFinit Nutrition.

For those relaxing and not racing this week in Kona feel free to join me for my annual Koloko Road hill climb. This is an epic 5,000ft climb that starts right in the village of Kona and literally heads up into the clouds to an elevation of 5,000ft. 15% grades are the norm and some serious climbing gears are necessary.

Here is the map of my ride from 2005: Click Here

However, if you are lacking the proper gearing you are welcome to start out with me and enjoy the ride as far as you want. Stop by the Philadelphia Insurance/TrainingPeaks booth Friday morning for details.

Good luck to everyone this week!


posted by Dirk at 4:03 PM


Blogger Alex said...

Hi Dirk,

Good to meet you at the Ultrafit get together in Kona. Very much enjoyed hearing what you had to say.



4:47 PM

Blogger Dirk said...

Hey sure thing. It is always a fun time in Kona. Good to meet you.

5:26 PM


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