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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Training Peaks Team Hits the Streets of Denver

This past weekend ended up being a great couple of days of racing around Denver. It was also great to share the experience with my Training Peaks co-workers Gear Fisher, Dave Lamay and Matt Allen (Pictured here).

Denver Federal Center Circuit Race, Saturday August 4th:

The Federal Center circuit is a tough event with a 4 mile circuit in west Denver which includes a slight uphill crosswind section. About half way through the event I managed to make it into an 8-man move which included two of my teammates; Jon Tarkington and Joey Pinkerton.

It is always comforting to know you have a few fellas who can back you up when the going gets rough. The last lap saw my Vitamin Cottage team come through with flying colors by taking first, second and sixth place. Jon did a great effort to soften up our breakaway companions which left Joey and I in the drivers seat as we came down to the final kilometer. Slipstream Sports professional Timmy Duggan took a flyer and was a serious threat for the win. However, Jon Tarkington and Kevin Nichol helped real in Timmy and eventually setup myself and Joey for the final 200 meters.

Bannock Street Criterium, Sunday August 5th:

Sunday was a crazy fast race which saw a very good field of top amateurs and pros gather for the 75 minute event in downtown Denver. This is always a hotly contested affair since there is usually at least $5,000 up for grabs. I've been doing this same course for over 20 years now!

It took quit a long time to establish the final four-man breakway which was launched after a cash prime was announced. Dan Schmatz, a pro on Team BMC, won the prime just ahead of myself, Timmy Duggan (Team Slipstream Sports) and Jorge Espinoza. The four of us kept our heads down and slowly established a 20 second separation from the field of over 60 riders.

This move had all of the right team representatives and we ended up sprinting it out on the final lap. There was no doubt who would win since Dan Schmatz is probably one of the top 5 fastest sprinters in the US today. The only question was who would get 2nd place. Luckily in the end it was myself and I was very happy to get second within such a national caliber field.

Matt Allen, Training Peaks head of customer support, finished solidly in the field and is focused on a strong finish to the his 2007 season. Matt will be headed to St Louis for the Gateway Cup in a few weeks and then wrap up his season in Parker, CO in mid September.

(Left to right) Myself, Dan Schmatz, Jorge Espinoza, Timmy Duggan.

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