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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back from Spain

Last week I was at the Predictor-Lotto, soon to be Silence-Lotto, team training camp in Benicasim, Spain (near Valencia).

Team members had medical and performance tests conducted as well as group training and lots of meetings.

The above file is from Dominque Cornu and conducted on December 13. The ride was 4.5hrs and had a CP5 value of 413w, and a CP30 of 300w.

Click here to view more details of the Dominique's file.

For more tales from the training camp please see the main TrainingPeaks Blog at
and see the team microsite for 2007 race data and interviews at:

By the way I suffered a ton each day on the training rides. I never took a pull and was happy to only have to hold onto the car on one climb. My maximum CP5 for the week was 445w and I'm sure I won't hit that mark again until about March or April in a race.

I'd highly recommend the region north around Valencia Spain for training. The Lotto team stays at the Hotel Bonaire which is just two blocks from a beautiful 10km long sandy beach. See the hotel web site at
If you are a cyclist be sure to ask for Jon. He is the resident tour guide and can help you rent a top of the line Ridley bike at a very good price. No need to travel with your bike to this hotel. Just rent a top of the line road or Ridley MTB and have fun.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dirk,
any power files from the tour of the Gila? or any data at all, new or old? with that race on the horrizon they would be pretty interesting to look at.


8:50 AM

Blogger Dirk said...

I don't have Gila files of my own from when I raced the event. Sorry about that. I'd suggest posting to the wattage forum and other racing forums to see if you can collect any.
Good luck,

9:15 AM

Anonymous Stowe Spivey said...

Dirk - it's not often we age-groupers get an insight into professional sport training. Thanks for the article AND pictures.

2:14 PM


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