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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Man what a tough day. Today was the Boulder-Larimer RR. 88 mile, 8-laps of an 11 mile lap with one dirt section of a mile.
Final result-
Tarkington 1st
Chuck Coyle 3rd
Jon Baker 5th?
Dirk- 8th
110 miles, 4:46, 217 avg watts, 260 normalized power, 3700jk's

First I rode out with the RIO team to the race venue, 20 miles north of Boulder. Then the wind picked up right at the start and so we put our team on the front to rotate through the five mile stretch heading north which had a nasty cross wind comin goff of the foothills.
On the second lap we finally dwindled it down to eight guys- 4 Vitamin Cottage (Coyle, Tarkington, Baker and myself). Those are good numbers especially when none of the other four were teammates. But our luck didn't last as I flatted in the dirt section and had to ride 2 miles to the feed zone to find a wheel (no suppport vehicles today). After finding a wheel in the feed zone from Jake Rosenbarger I was back in the race in the third group minutes behind the second group.

I figured I should work as hard as possibe the rest of the race to at least get the training in. Luckily I found five other guys that didn't mind rotating and I put evrything into my moves to try and make up ground. Finally on the last lap we saw the second group and put our heads down to try and make contact prior to the dirt section (2 miles fom the finish).

Our effort paid off and we caught the group as we entered the dirt. In that next one miles stretch of dirt the one group became three and I was in the second rotating with 18-year old Peter Stetina (son of Dale Stetina winner of the 78 and 83 Coor's Classics. I rode with Dale Wednesday and had a great time talkig about the 'old days. He was a big reason I started racing in the first place). I was pretty confident I could get us close enough to the group of three just ahead of us where I could then jump acrossed and win the sprint for 8th. As we entered 400 meters to go I saw the front three were slowing dramatically and I gained plenty of confidence. I then attacked with about 200 meters to go and passed the few remaining guys to win the sprint.

Great ride Tark! Thanks for pulling thru for us.

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