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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kaloko: Lance Rode My Favorite Climb in Hawaii Today

I just got a twitter update (or Tweet) from Lance (sign up for Lance's Twitter feed here ) where he said he was climbing Kaloko road on the big island. This happens to be my favorite ride on the big Island. I've done it about four times over the past six years on my trips to Kona to watch the Ironman.

Kaloko is a brutally steep climb and a 39 x 27 or compact gearing is a necessity. Even in a 39 x 27 I was barely able to keep an average of 59rpm for an hour. Kaloko road is a residential housing area cut out of the jungle and rises up to nearly 5,000ft. If you start from the town of Kona you are quit literally doing a 5,000ft climb.

Click on the below map to launch an interactive the TrainingPeaks File Viewer.

Here is a link to one of my power files from Kaloko.

Try climbing it if you dare, but bring the right equipment, some extra clothing for the cold ride down...Oh and look out for wild pigs and heads up for mossy slippery turns as you enter the rain forest section.

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